How to quickly learn chords and chord progressions for your new song

Are you bored with the same chords that you keep playing on the guitar?

Would you like to learn new chords quickly and incorporate them into your playing naturally?

Are you facing lots of new chords in a new song and don’t know how to learn them quickly so you can just enjoy playing the song rather than avoiding it?

Learning a new song

Learning a new song involves a lot of different components. You can learn how the song goes, and what order the chords are in. This alone can feel like it takes weeks.

On top of this, you may be learning new chords and remember how the chords change between each one.

When you are learning all these new chords, you may find that your chord changes, or your ability to move to those chords are not as fast as with the chords that you know so well but may be bored of.

To avoid feeling like you are in a constant battle of learning the song, the chord progressions, and all these new chord shapes, and getting them all down so that you can learn the actual song quickly. We’ve got a few tips to help you today.

Why do most people struggle to learn new chords quickly?

A lot of people when they are learning the new song, they approach it by playing it from start to finish rather than actually memorizing.

And your brain can only memorize a few things a day and get it into your medium- and long-term memory.

If you keep playing through your new song and the new chords without truly memorizing what you are doing. Then each time you do it, your brain has very little in its memory for you to recall it.

So how do you avoid this?

To get a much faster result, you want to focus on a few key pieces of information that’s going to help you memorize the new chords.

For example, if you are learning a new C chord, don’t try to put it in the song, and strum and do everything at once.

Just focus on learning that single chord till you can do it in your sleep. And then integrate it with the rest of your playing.

To super charge this process, try to play your new C chord with something else besides the song you are learning. This will help your brain connect that piece with other things you have learnt on the guitar. And in the future help you to be able to recall it both in isolation but also when playing other songs as well.

Learning the chord progression

And if you are trying to learn the chord progression, instead of just playing through the song repeatedly.

Without strumming, without anything at all. Just play through the chords. (Once you know the chords well.)

You can even practice writing down the chord progression from memory.

Try approaching your new songs and new chords this way to help you learn your new song way faster than you have ever done it before.

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