Simple Hack For Stretching Out Licks

Often when improvising, guitar players have a hard time thinking of new phrasing ideas. Here you will learn a simple hack to stretch out any idea you may have.

Simple Hack For Stretching Out Licks

The simple hack shown in this article is based on octaves. The main idea here is to map out the starting notes of your phrase. For simplicity sake, let’s limit the phrases to 2 adjacent strings (i.e. 6th and 5th string).

Here’s an example of a simple 2 string phrase.


Now, the phrase here starts on the 3rd fret of the 6th string, which happens to be a G note. The trick to stretching out this phrase is to map out the starting note (G note) in every octave across the 4th and 3rd string, and the 2nd and 1st string.

The shortcut to figuring out the octaves are shown below.

From the G note on the 6th string, skip the 5th string and move to the 4th string, then move up 2 frets to the next G note. From the G note on the 4th string, skip the 3rd string and move to the 2nd string, then move up 3 frets to the next G note.

Now you can repeat that same phrase starting on each G note across all pairs of strings. This gives you 2 extra octaves of the same exact phrase. The exact same line played this way will sound like a longer, more intricate phrase when in actual fact you are playing the same thing only across different octaves!

Create some of your own phrases to work on this concept and have fun with it!

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