Philosophy of holding the pick

In the guitar community there are many different philosophies on how to hold the pick the correct way. The theories are many ranging from “if it works for you, its good” to “my way is the only way to hold the pick” and for an aspiring guitar player it can be difficult to know, what […]

A Quick Guide to a Quick Guitar Practice

A quick guide to a guitar practice

If you are a busy person like most of us these days, then you probably don’t have many hours to practice your guitar per day. While you don’t need to practice 8 hours per day to make any feasible progress, there is still time that you need to put into the skill. And given that […]

Do I Really Need a Guitar Teacher?

Do i really need a guitar teacher

These days there are many options available to anyone who wants to learn to play the guitar. There are a ton of youtube videos, books, and apps. There is a good chance that you have a teenager or college student in your area looking to earn of few extra dollars teaching guitar. You may have […]

Reaching Your Guitar Goals

Reaching Your Guitar Goals

Reaching Your Guitar Goals   Learning to play guitar is more challenging than many instruments. It can be quite the uphill climb if it isn’t approached correctly. If you have proper guidance and the right approach you will be extremely satisfied in reaching your guitar goals. Unless you don’t like guitar, but then why would […]

Simple Hack For Stretching Out Licks

Often when improvising, guitar players have a hard time thinking of new phrasing ideas. Here you will learn a simple hack to stretch out any idea you may have. Simple Hack For Stretching Out Licks The simple hack shown in this article is based on octaves. The main idea here is to map out the […]

3 Ways Beginner Guitar Students Get Stuck When Learning How To Play Guitar

Many people start on the road to learning how to play guitar every single year. They start with excitement, with great hopes and dreams of playing guitar. The problem is that the majority of them run into problems very quickly and get stuck and then do not know what to do next. This leads to […]

How can lists make you a better guitar player?

How lists can make you a better guitar player

If you play the guitar long enough, you will eventually get to the point where you can no longer see the forest for the trees. Perhaps you have accumulated so many exercises that you no longer know where to continue. Or you want to learn so many songs that you have a hard time figuring […]

The Importance of Prioritizing Your Practice Items

Okay, so you have your list of things that you are going to practice but aren’t sure what order to practice things in. One of the keys to having a productive practice is to have everything already set up ahead of time. Having your practice set up ahead of time makes it easier to move […]

How to learn your chords while away from the guitar

One of the first step in learning to play the guitar is to establish a vocabulary of chords. This is often perceived to be hard and strenuous because the finger are not used to this. This does not have to be this way and this article will give you some ideas you can tap into […]

Here Is What You Should Expect From Taking Guitar Lessons

Here Is What You Should Expect From Taking Guitar Lessons

Taking guitar lessons is one of the best choices you can make to improve yourself as a guitarist. Here is what to expect and why you should be excited.     What You Should Expect When You Take Guitar Lessons   Taking guitar lessons is the best choice you can make for becoming a much […]